Whatever your budget, we can work with you.

Budget of $1,000 or Less

247Toolset is a commercial website application that offers configurable modules to you to manage content, people, and your data. Compaines that range from John Deere to private start-ups rely on it. It is available by subscription at $995 per year if paid annually. If yours is a non-profit, we'll find a way to work with you.

We can have your website up and running in just two business days. The 247Toolset framework comes with many capabilities out of the box:

A demo takes 15 minutes and can be done online in a personal webinar.

Budget of $1,000 to $7,500

We can build you a simple but customized website by utilizing some of the tools we've developed along the way, rapidly piecing them together into a tailored fit for your needs. We can have your website delivered and ready to go in less than one month.

Larger Budget

Does your organization need a robust, custom website, perhaps for multiple locations or departments to help you manage hundreds or thousands of people or accounts? That's what we do best. Per your RFP or through a really good conversation, we can either bid out your project or we can enter into an engagement contract.

A bid is perfect for well-considered features. An engagement contract is better for iterative development, to allow you time to work with the website as it's constructed to steer it in the best direction for your target audience. If the engagement is less than six months or less than twenty hours a week, the rate is $75 per hour. If the engagement is longer than six months and more than 20 hours a week, the rate is $65 per hour.

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