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Not just website development, but strategic thought goes into our process. 20+ years of marketing, business development, and multi-industry expertise drives how we craft the right solution for you. Here's what others say about their experience...

"Their insight into technology, trends and creative thinking make them extraordinary, and one of the key reasons I rely on them."
- Jeff Kaiserman, VP, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

"Able to help you find the issues within your organization, break them down to their basic components, and then challenge you to re-think the way you 'have always' conducted your business. They cut a hole in the box and let you look outside at a whole new world. They push you to take the road less traveled and find the niche that will make your business unique."
- Mark Slocum, Executive Director, The Heart Connection (Children's Cancer Programs)

"Amplified was easy to work with and got the job done. They were able to turn all our ideas into reality in our new program. Once we got to the implementation phase, they were very accessible for quick fixes and changes. Very fair billing practice. They gave us an estimate of hours in the beginning and kept us informed each week how many hours had been spent compared to the estimate. Also, they did not charge us for small fixes that were part of the original scope of work. In the end, we have a program that our employees are happy with and is easy to use."
- Christa Gallea, Senior Accountant, Seneca Corporation

"...impressed our organization with drive, abilities, innovation, and timeliness. Strong business acumen and the ability to communicate ideas, plans, with attainable timelines. Always been a pleasure to work with."
- Craig Jackman, President, Paragon IT Pros

"The response from support has been top notch and super quick. We really appreciate what the website has done for us and I believe we are only scratching the surface of what it can do for us in the future. Thank you!"
- Aaron Payson, I.T., McSally for Congress

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